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I will create a silk screen for you, but if you are interested in making your own silk screens, contact me for my affiliated discount code so you can purchase your own supplies!


Using chalk paste

Glass etching / fabric inking

Inking several aprons 


You can bake inks to make it permanent & dishwasher safe

Use silk screens on:

mirrors, glass, chalkboards, wood, fabrics, canvas, metal, burlap, clay, cardstock, etc.

You can use it with:

acrylic paints, chalk paste, inks, metalics, glitter, etching cream, torch paste, etc.


Using paint on cardstock

What are silk screen stencils?
These stencils are reusable, tacky, customizable, repositionable and easy-to-use.  You apply stencil to surface, paint/ink remove and wash the stencil for a future use. 

What type of stencils are available?
The BLUE stencils (120 mesh count) are perfect for customizing windows, glass, mirrors, chalkboards, walls, and other hard, flat, smooth surfaces.  They are slightly tacky and will adhere the more they are pressed onto a surface.  


The PURPLE stencil (110 mesh count) has a stronger adhesive than the blue stencils and is perfect for t-shirts, textiles, canvas, wood signs, and other surfaces that require a more tacky option.

Both stencils can be used for either projects, but it’s all a matter of preference, paints and techniques.  If you are having trouble deciding, ask me and I will help you pick the right stencil for your project.

What paints/tools can I use with the silk screen stencils?
Water-based paints and inks are recommended. For example acrylic paint, chalkboard paint, glass paint, screen printing inks.  Do not use oil-based paints.   You can use a foam brush, small squeegee, stencil brush, wedges or even credit cards to drag the paint across your stencil.


Can I use etching cream with the silk screen stencils?
Yes – My sample shows testing with Etchall Etching Crème on glass. Please note that the etching cream will break down the stencil faster than regular paint, so you may not get as many uses out of your stencil. 


What surfaces can I use with the silk screen?
You can use on a variety of surfaces - glass, mirrors, windows, whiteboard, chalkboard, wood, fabric, clay, leather, canvas, stone, metal, and burlap.

Glitter Tumblers: You can use on top of glitter as long as you put a coat of epoxy over the glitter first (or seal the glitter in some way).  

How many times can I reuse the stencils I create?
There are a number of factors that affect how long a stencil will last. These include storage, how you wash out the film, what type of paints you use, etc. We generally state that you can reuse a stencil up to 12-15 times before the details on the stencil will start to break down. We've had some get 20+ uses.  For example if you wanted to make 40 shirts, then could try using 2 stencils. 


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